L’Ultima Regola del Gioco

  • Date:28/09/2012
  • Location:Valletta - Malta
Regola 00
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L’Ultima Regola del Gioco by Italian composer Corrado Pasquotti features real-time interaction between solo flute and electronic music. The public is surrounded by 8 speakers creating a 360 acoustic experience.  As the flutist performs the music, fragments from the performance are captured, processed and assigned to a particular speaker for playback. The processing of the data involves the transposition of the notes creating a counterpoint of melodic lines as the piece unfolds. We usually experience a concert recital from a stage as a frontal or stereo sound image. In this project ‘space’ becomes a creative parameter. The composer plots sound across 8 speakers arranged in a circular fashion so that the audience can experience the movement of sound. Another interesting characteristic of this piece is that every performance is unique. The structure of the piece changes every performance as the microphone captures different sections that are consecutively triggered at different time intervals.

Composer: Corrado Pasquotti, Flutist: Federica Lotti, Live Electronics: Alvise Vidolin

Organised by  ‘Science in the City’ in collaboration with the Malta Association for Contemporary Music